MAXadvisor Private Management is for the individual investor who wants their money put to work by professionals. Our registered investment advisors create and manage fund-focused portfolios specifically designed to help each client meet their unique financial goals.

A MAXadvisor Private Management managed portfolio does not start with someone throwing darts at the Wall Street Journal quotes page. It begins with the methodology we’ve spent years developing and refining. It’s applied by our registered investment advisors who spend 24/7 studying, dissecting, evaluating funds and building winning investment portfolios. This knowledge and experience is applied to your individual financial profile and goals and used to develop your personal investment program. The result is an expertly crafted investment portfolio built from the ground up, just for you, and maintained with unparalleled professional care.

We handle virtually all of the difficult decision making involved with portfolio management. After an initial consultation, our advisors build an investment portfolio designed to help each client reach their unique financial goals. Our investment advisors make trades when appropriate, and rebalance portfolios as needed to stay consistent with the allocation strategy we've developed for each client. If a client's financial goals change, we work with them to adjust their portfolio to meet their new needs.


MAXadvisor Private Management is a “pure” fee-only investment advisor, which means that unlike many financial advisors, we have a simple, clear, and low-cost fee structure: we charge a microscopic .50% - .75% of assets under management per year. That’s it. We aren’t paid by any fund company to sell their funds. We only recommend investments to our clients that we think are the best choice for them – not those that will earn us the largest commissions.

Our fees are among the lowest in the industry, and are generally tax deductible. At $250,000 our minimum investment requirements are low, too, making private management available to clients that haven't historically been welcomed by quality financial professionals.


Think MAXadvisor Private Management might be a good fit for you? Speak to a MAXadvisor Private Management investment advisor and find out for sure. During your consultation you can discuss your current portfolio with our investing experts. We'll answer your questions and discuss our services. If after your consultation you decide MAXadvisor Private Management isn't what you're looking for, no problem. We'll wish you luck and won't contact you again.


How much does MAXadvisor Private Management cost?

We charge just .50% - .75% of assets under management per year. We do not derive any compensation from the funds we buy for you, or from commissions or trading of any kind. We are fee-only advisors, meaning we charge the client directly for our advisory services and do not make commissions from funds or on trades. This fee is generally tax deductible. Clients are billed directly, on a quarterly basis.

Are there any commissions involved?

We do not collect a commission of any kind, from anyone, ever. Our fees are derived solely from a percentage of assets under management. We are fee-only financial advisors. We work for our clients, not fund companies.

What is the minimum to get started?

MAXadvisor Private Management has lower fees and lower minimums than the vast majority of professional money managers. Investors can get started with as little as $250,000 in investable assets.

How is this service different from the MAXfunds Powerfund Portfolios?

The MAXfunds Powerfund Portfolios are model portfolios users build and trade themselves in their own brokerage accounts.

MAXadvisor Private Management is a complete portfolio management service. We build customized portfolios in a client's brokerage account after consultation with each client. We trade and maintain those portfolios for the life of the client-advisor relationship.